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Security organ

Shock absorber is a safety part of the vehicle.

  • The shock absorber is necessary for maintaining adhesion between the tyres and the ground. The contact with the ground thus passes through the shock absorber.
  • Shock absorbers progressively lose their efficiency. With time, the active security of the vehicle deteriorates without the driver necessarily being aware.
  • Tired shock absorbers compromise the state of the vital parts of the car, thus affecting security such as: all other organs of suspension, transmission drives shafts, suspension and steering ball joints, steering rack and gear box....

A shock absorber oscillates about 5000 times per kilometre. Record-France recommends that the state of the shock absorber should be checked every 20 000 kms, and they should be changed every 80 000 kms..

The company recommends that shock absorbers be fitted in pairs.


What signs indicate a tired shock absorber ?
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Vibrations Inaccurate breaking Abnormal tyre wear Oil leakage Instability in the wind Sideslip