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If you want more information regarding the Record France shock absorber, you can see this video.

Production Structure


From development to packaging, Record-France integrates the whole realization chain of the various shock absorbers.
The manufacturing process organization offers an exceptional flexibility and an immediate reactivity.
The latest technologies and quality controls at every process stages, from the raw material reception to the finished product dispatch, are implemented to ensure the customers the quality level they request.

Manufacturing process
A shock absorber contains approximately 40 various components. The production place is separated in 6 levels to allow manufacturing and assembling of these components.

  • 1st level
    1st level
    Cutting and deburring of the different tubes : outer tubes, inner tubes and attachment tubes. The company manages about a hundred tube dimensions.
  • 2nd level
    2nd level
    Work on piston rod : machining (bar turning & threading), HF hardening, grinding and finishing (chromium plating & polishing). The company works on 6 diameters : 12, 16, 20, 22, 24 & 28 mm.
  • 3rd level
    3rd level
    Manufacturing and receipt of the various shock absorber components. Thanks to stamping machines and to numerical lathes, Record-France manufactures part of the required components.
  • 4th level
    4th level
    Outer tube finishing : branding, shrinking, indenting, robot welding,…

  • 5th level
    5th level
    Foot valve and piston assemblies. Then oleofluid filling, peening, final and compliance test.

  • 6th level
    6th level

    Painting and stem attachment assembly. Product packaging. The shocks are stored and dispatched.