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Record-France offers 2 various technologies : Hydraulic and gas

Matching a variable gas pressure to its exact application and using the most advanced technology for each component, the Maxigaz shock absorber guarantees optimum safety in every circumstance. The main benefit of a variable gas system is instantaneous damping reaction, ensuring that the shock absorber works more efficiently. Damping is more progressive and a smoother ride is created. This shock gives the vehicle very precise road holding with superior comfort.

Bi-tube damper with low pressure hydraulic system

Hydraulic telescopic twin-tube especially designed for the aftermarket. The Super shock absorber is the perfect answer to the requirements of the car suspension it is engineered for. With a differential and progressive double action valving, with damping forces in rebound and compression function of the motion speed of the piston, this shock absorber offers a different car handling.

Bi-tube damper with a compensating tank

Based on the hydraulic shock absorber system.

It contains, in the external room, a low pressure gas.

Maxigaz :

Thanks to the pressure practiced on the oil and to the accelerated deaeration :

– Best damping response.

– Braking work progressive, efficient and slowly.

– Relief of suspension’s elements.

A shock absorber technology allowing the oil from a « room » to get to the other one through the valves that create an hydraulic resistance.

Super :

Damping forces in rebound and compression evolving according to the piston’s move speed.

⇒ Answer at the imperatives of the vehicle’s suspension.