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Functionality of the shock absorber


The shock absorber is a safety part of the vehicle :

  • The shock reduces and limits the wheel bounces due to oscillations of the springs.
  • The shock absorber maintains the adhesion between the wheels and the road surface

The shock absorber is the hydraulic brake of the suspension’s spring element (spring,…).

    Car handling and safety rely on the perfect combination of 3 elements :


    • Shock absorber
    • Brake
    • Tyre

      Shock absorber, to help the other suspension parts, has several functions :

          • Safety
          • Road holding
          • Comfort
          • Optimal wheel grip
          • Protection of the mechanical parts

      A shock absorber contains approximately 40 different components.

      The assemblies of the compression and rebound sets allow to obtain the damping forces (level of hardness or smoothness of the damper).

      The shock absorber reduces the movements of the suspension compression and rebound by the passage of hydraulic fluid through the various internal mechanisms.

      The shock absorber’s effect is proportional to the piston’s move speed :

          • If slow movement ⇒ The damper doesn’t work a lot.
          • If fast movement ⇒ The damper oppose a resistance.


      A shock absorber oscillates about 5000 times per km !!