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Collector’s vehicles


The smell of leather patina, the particular sound of the engine, the elegance of a line, the nostalgia of a passed time; many are the reasons that push a collector to buy a classic car and to service it with jealous care.

Since 1957, Record-France, designs, develops, manufactures and markets quality shock absorbers 100% made in France, for light vehicles, passenger cars and commercials, from the thirties to the eighties.

65 years of performance, comfort and safety experience.

65 years of passion, wise advices, sharing with car restorers, clubs, societies, and thus, with your collectors customers.

We ensure the continuity of our products and our part numbers that are perfectly suitable for all vehicles and adapted to their aging thanks to our R&D know-how and our raw materials quality.

Shock absorbers that meet vintage and young timers special needs.